Sunday, September 12, 2010

Getting Back in Tha Groove...

I haven't written in a while, can ya tell? I've been in such a convoluted state of confusion that I haven't taken the time to would think when my mind is racing is the best time to write, but some things are just better to keep to myself I guess. It's hard to let your heart out when you know it might hurt someone else's feelings!

So rather than pour my heart out, I'll keep it light hearted until I can say more, lol. Today was a great day. No tears from Gracie (separation anxiety has plagued the poor kid since school was a rough couple of weeks, but I think/hope/pray we are in the clear now!), I got to go worship an AWESOME God with old friends at our old church, we had lunch with my folks, I got to spend time with my aunts and my 92 year old grandmother AND, for the grand finale...I went to Wal Mart...good times. I even had a woman circle my cart, look me up and down, and compliment my dress. I think she'd been following me for a while, lol.

Gracie was sick with a cold this morning, so Paul stayed home with her...I took the chance to ride to Trinity and worship at the church that we left last year. We left last year to assist in getting a new church started in Lexington...that's gone well, it's been a good year, but we are contemplating now where we should be. I don't know if we ever intended for our leave of absence to be permanent, but honestly it was a good time to take a year and try something new and get perspective. Now we are trying to wrap our minds around that new perspective and figure out what God has for us next. We feel Him moving...just not sure how or where. Or if He's even moving us away...but we know He's speaking to us! Sometimes it's frustrating knowing that things are going to change, just not sure how or when it's going to change. That's our human nature...but knowing that God is in control of it and knowing that as long as we stay faithful to Him and yield to His will we have nothing to worry about, makes all the difference. It's the difference in panicking or staying's the difference in sleepless nights and peaceful dreams.

We've had a great summer...long...filled with ups and downs. Some of those downs are going to take a while to heal from. But I know healing is there. God has taken me to places, once again, to make me totally and completely dependant on Him. I don't like the journey, but I like the effects. Getting through the chastening and the initial fear is the hard part, but the loving that I get from my heavenly Daddy when I surrender to Him is worth every second of it.

I look forward to seeing what God has in store...but I sure am curious! He is nothing but good, perfect, awesome, amazing and majestic. I can't lose...:)