Saturday, November 27, 2010

Eyes Wide Shut

Once again, life took over and blogging took a back seat! But I'm back...for now, lol. I'm hoping to start back blogging on a regular basis, it's very cathartic for me!

I'm excited about some things God has been showing me in recent weeks. some ways I'm super excited and in others I'm nervous about it, you know? I know that what He is planning for me is going to take me places in my walk with Christ that are going to be eye opening and hurtful to me. Often times when He has a plan for us, we have to draw so very close to Him to be able to do that. In order for us to be close to Christ, we have to be totally rid of ourselves and full of Him...and when we do that we often get our eyes opened to the "things" holding us back from that close walk. I'd rather cover my eyes and not see, lol. Unfortunately that's what a lot of us do anyway...we close our eyes to our sin. We avoid it, we cover it up, we refuse to address it. Especially when it's "that" sin. You know, the one that no one knows about except for you and God? We all have them, so don't feel like the Lone Ranger. This is part of what He's been showing me recently, so I'm excited to see where He takes this! Do I want to address my ugliness? No, but if it helps others, then let's hit it!

I love living a life full of Christ. I love, most of the time, where it takes me. I love the feeling of being in His will and I love the freedom that it gives me. But some times, it's that same life full of Christ that takes us to places we don't want to go. To the eye opening places where He reveals things to us. I'm going to stop avoiding the confrontation and meet it head on. Instead of eyes wide shut, I'm moving on to eyes wide open...and heart wide open. I can see what God wants to show me all I want, but if I'm not willing and my heart is closed to His will, then it's a moot point.

As the holidays are fast approaching, I want to be in step, in rhythm if you will, with God's plan. The world we are in is upside down and inside out. In a time when others are losing hope, this is the time of year that God is reminding us that it's not for us to worry about. His Hope...was sent over 2000 years ago. 33 years later, it was all paid why are we worrying about what is in His devine hands? So my eyes are wide open and I'm ready for Him to reveal what He will...and I'm a willing participant...join me??