Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Curse of the Skinny Jeans? Really?

Okay, so tonight I finally learned what the curse of the skinny jeans is...and not, it's not a pear shape, although that's what my mirror screams at me. The curse of the skinny jeans, per Lysa TerKeurst, is the thought that being thin enough to fit into my skinny jeans and looking good in them, will make life so much better. Apparently, this isn't so. I'll have to take her word for it, as I've not yet reached the point of attempting true skinny jeans. Or a size smaller than what I wear now, for that matter. I have always lived under the illusion that life would be close to perfect if I were thin. Don't think I'm so naive that I truly believe life would be great, but better. I do think if I were happy with myself that life would be a tad better. However, I understand the idea of the curse. So many folks think that a certain look, size or number on a scale will bring utter happiness and bliss. Wrong-o. Life still happens. Crap still comes our way and Satan still lurks. It all revolves around our core, our Biblical foundation, how well baked we are (sorry, you have to hear the full story later!). When we are told the lies of the world...when we recognize the triggers that send us reeling off the path we need to be on...we need to draw from our foundation, from our core...is your core full of the lies of the world or full of the Truth of God? What are you drawing from? The world or God? Staying in His word...knowing His word...being in a constant state of prayer (yes, this IS acheivable!!) enables us to draw from His knowledge.

Do you live under the curse of the skinny jeans? Have no fear! Go draw a circle of chalk on your driveway, bathe yourself in peanut butter and lay down naked in the middle of the circle. This will break the curse. If you aren't willing to do that, then I suggest that you saturate yourself in the word of God...love Him and allow Him full control. He'll show you HIS truths :)


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