Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hair Removal...and stuff...

I am gonna take a break from my Made to Crave blogging for more pressing hair here goes (no worries, my Made to Crave blog will be back after this message :)

So in my 34 minutes of free time yesterday, I flipped through a few tv channels as I folded church bulletins, ate a snack and looked through a magazine (I like multitasking :). I saw an infomercial on called "Painless Hair Removal". I literally laughed out loud and flipped on to something else. You see...I am quite the expert on hair removal...and very little of it is pain free. Honestly? I sometimes wish our culture found hairy women sexy. Seriously. I have a fertility disorder that causes me to have dark hair in the least attractive places. I have used nads, wax, electrolysis, you name it, I've tried it. And NONE of it was painless. I won't even begin to describe the fun I had last spring when a friend and I decided that we were grown up enough now to have the ol bikini area waxed... Enough details there.

So by now you are wondering, um, where are we going with this? As soon as I saw the title, I thought, yeah, right. And instantly the Holy Spirit spoke to me. Isn't it just like our human nature to try the easy way out? Really? Make it fast, make it easy, make it pain free. Sometimes, I think that's what hinders us from getting rid of our sin. We know it's going to be painful. We know that our crutch is being taken from us. For some of us our sin isn't merely a crutch or hindrance in our life. More often than not, our habitual sins tend to be a security blanket for us. Don't you think? I know that the sins I tend to habitually commit are the ones that bring me a comfort. Like comfort food. But a comfort sin. I know you are probably thinking I am crazy. Or maybe you are totally identifying with me here. I never, ever set out in my day to sin. I start out really good and close to my Savior. As the day wears on and hindrances and roadblocks worm their way into my day, a wedge gets thrown in between me and God. Totally my fault, simply because I don't recognize them and attempt to stop them. But as that wedge is driven in and I get a tad further away from God, Satan starts whittling away at my resolve. A certain trigger or temptation slams me in the head or even just slips in unnoticed and BAM! That sin that comforts me creeps in. For some, it may be your thought life. For others it may be overindulgence in "comfort foods". It may even be alcohol (and I don't mean a simple glass o' wine girls, I mean when we turn to alcohol for comfort. Often when that happens, it tends to be much more than one glass, one beer, one drink...). Whatever it is...don't feel alone, we all have those sins, however minute they may seem. We don't want to get rid of them, simply because they bring us comfort.

It's like we can see the pain it will bring to go cold turkey from this comfort sin in our lives. Taking away a security blanket just plain ol hurts. Do you ever feel like God convicts you of your security blanket over and over again? Means He wants you to get rid of it! When we become aware of the ugliness in our lives, we have a desire to be rid of it, right? So when God convicts you of it, get rid of it. No matter how painful. God has shown us the places we are falling short so we will get rid of it yes, but also so we will draw close to Him! So we will rely on Him for that comfort, not physical or mental things. For the presence of His Holy Spirit. And the goal is...not just a closer walk with Christ...but also a way to give Him the glory for this victory in your life.

God wants us to have a victorious and abundant life. He soooo desires that for us! Do you believe that?? Girls, hair removal may be painful....and so may sin removal...but in the end, we wind up with some super smooth legs, arm pits, chins, brows and lips...but more importantly, we wind up so much closer to God...and the abundant life He promised us!

John 10:10 ~ "I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly."

Happy Hair and Sin Removal!


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