Friday, March 11, 2011

Japanese...and I'm Not Talking Hibachi

Unless you live under a rock or in a bomb shelter, I suppose you've all heard about the infamous earthquake and Tsunami in Japan today (or yesterday for them). Cue break for prayers...Father, You are all knowing, You are all powerful, You are present everywhere. You are amazing and wonderful in every way. We don't understand in our human minds and hearts why such horrible natural disasters have to happen. We know we will understand one day. Our hearts hurt for our friends in Japan tonight. So many many many dead. God our prayer tonight is for Your powerful, beautiful, overwhelming presence be with the people of Japan tonight and in the coming days. God I pray that they will feel Your heart, Your presence, Your comfort, Your love and Your peace. I pray for physical and emotional healing and I pray that people will find You, as their Savior, in all of this upheaval. I pray for the souls that are unfound or trapped...bless them Lord. I pray for the repercussions that will affect the Japanese people in the coming days, weeks and months. Keep them safe in the coming aftershocks. God let us see You in all of this...and every time You bring the people of Japan to our minds, help us to stop and breathe a prayer on their behalf to Your open and loving heart. Amen

Once again, natural disaster strikes. Once again, people are reeling from the death, the disaster and the out of control spiral that have become their lives. Pray for them. Pray for those helping. Pray for those wanting to help. I want to be there, I want to help...still praying to find God's will in all of this. Many say this is fulfilled prophecy...not sure about that. I know that God has a plan...He will fulfill it in His own time. I DO know this...He is in control of it. We are not to fear.

One day...we will stand in front of God (for better or worse) and I for one, would like to ask some hard why. And why ice cream has to have so many calories and be bad for you. Fries too. Regardless of it all...He has our best interest and our lives in His plan...even when things like this happen. Good or bad...He has us covered.

Til tomorrow...Ima steer clear of that ice cream and those fries...and I'll be interceding for Japan. Join me?


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