Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Made to Crave...Status Update :)

Hey apologies for a delayed post. Following the passing of the wife of the pastor that I work for, well, needless to say, it's been a super busy week. Only a few moments of laundry and dishes time this week, so blogging and facebooking have taken a back seat!

A few weeks ago I read a statement in the book, Made to Crave. The statement said we are to ask ourselves..."it's permissable...but is it beneficial?" Um. Well. Gosh. That one has really resonated with me. God keeps knocking me over the head with it. It even showed back up in this week's study. Jesh! How many things in my life does this apply to?? So very many. I feel like I am living and walking a very close walk with my Lord. I do my very best to please Him every day. I am human. I am not worthy of Him. I DO try my best though. I try to conquer my thought life through the power of the Holy Spirit. I try to tame my tongue, through His mighty power. I do my best to respect and love my spouse, through the love that the Holy Spirit supplies me. I attempt to be a Godly wife, mother and daughter - again, yes, you guessed it, by my Savior's leading. Do I fall short? Yes. Daily. I look at all these things and I now feel myself putting it all to the test of "it's permissable, but is it beneficial?" And I realize...there are some things I need to work on. Lots of things. I want all things in my life to be to His glory! My thoughts, my words, my life. I want it all to be beneficial.

You might did I go from Made to Crave, which is normally about my food habits, to this. Well, I DO apply it to my food habits too. I'm still working on it...but it's a powerful question in the realm of my eating habits too. It really does help to ask yourself this each time you plan your meals and when you sit down to eat them. Snacks too!

I by no means have this all figured out yet...but Ima working on it! I do continue to ask Him daily for the "want to" in this healthy lifestyle I'm attempting. I do pray to Him when I am frustrated or craving. And I praise Him for my victories.

I hate the word diet. I want a lifestyle change. This started out as a journey with my food and health. It still is. But now the focus has changed. God has changed my heart...and thus changed the relationship I have with my food and my health. I like this change. I like this me. Keep praying for me...and I'll pray for you :)

God is able...I am not. God is perfect...I am not. I AM however, excited to see where God is taking me on this journey. Take the journey with me?


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  1. AWESOME!!! I'm with you!

    Lindsey (signed in as Cleo for some reason)