Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekends...Refreshment for Ugh

I am a regular Facebooker. I admit it. It's a great way for me to keep up with friends and family that I don't see often...and it's a great way to share my faith and encouragment to others. It always fascinates me to read other people's posts. They range everywhere from my sweet friend that post some mushy, gushy, life is great post every day, to the person that I am fairly sure would be content to curl up in a ball and disappear from life, as their posts are non stop Eyeore type posts - I really feel bad for the girl, she has a perpetual headache.
On Sundays one post always resonates with me. About 5 or 6 o'clock you start seeing the "Ugh, Monday is looming" posts. Often they are the same "TGIF" posters from Friday, lol. It bothers me that we, in general, label Mondays with a big fat "UGH". Mondays are a great opportunity to take the refreshment we received over the weekend to put it to good use! We are at our best when we are well rested and have fresh perspective...why not load up with it on the weekend and use it as a catalyst to start the week off right?? Seizing every moment of every essential in our ultimate goal of doing our best for God in this short life. How can we possibly set the example for the lost, when we start our week off with an "UGH"?

I lost a sister in Christ this weekend to physical death. Her life on this earth was cut quite short...and I can only imagine what she is experiencing as she begins her eternity with our King of Kings. I cannot help but think, if she could tell us anything, that she would tell us to seize every moment to make ourselves better and help others better their walks with God as well. She was constantly calling myself and my co-worker with suggestions on how to make certain things within the church "better". She saw the details that could make the real difference. She had a perspective on life that came from a gift of discernment - a gift not all Christ followers have. She could sit back and see what changes would be glorifying to God...and she used that to better others.

I can't help but write about my sister in Christ. She was a great lady...and I know she has added a special something to Heaven this weekend. How about if we use our weekend refreshment to add a little something special to this world this week...while we can.


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